About IMCA

In 1989, a support program was started for the development of research in mathematics in Peru, with resources coming entirely from the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste, Italy. This program, had as its axis of scientific organization the Institute of Mathematics Pura e Aplicada (IMPA) of Rio de Janeiro, until 1997 when the IMCA assumed this homework.

The program consists of a visit to Peru by eminent mathematicians, for periods of at least one month to offer courses on advanced topics of mathematics and also to select talented young people for research in mathematics with the aim of directing them to pursue a doctorate in the abroad, especially in Brazil.

The purpose is to promote, with the return of these young people, the installation of a high-level research group in mathematics in Peru. Starting In 1994 this project, still financed by the ICTP, was extended to the Andean countries Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru. It is so everyone Every year these courses are held in Lima, attended by students from these countries. In this way, 47 eminent mathematicians visited Peru, of which which 28 were from Brazil. 15 Peruvian students who traveled abroad to study for a doctorate.

The interest aroused by this project in the scientific community in Lima and the imminent return of these young Peruvian doctors, led in December 1997, to the creation of the Institute of Mathematics and Related Sciences (IMCA) in the National University of Engineering (UNI), in Lima. This institute, which aims follow the model of the Brazilian IMPA, sustains its hopes of success in the tradition of a good seedbed of talents for mathematics that Peru has shown throughout its history, despite the crises that afflicted it. On the other hand, a broad scientific interaction is expected at the international level, with similar research centers.

The IMCA was installed outside the UNI campus occupying for almost ten years a colonial house built in 1780 known as Casa de las Trece Coins at Jirón Ancash 536 in downtown Lima. In February 2006 we moved to the current premises, built thanks to the contribution of the patronage of the UNI at 245 Los Biologists Street.

New Location

A group of Peruvian businessmen led by engineer Alberto Benavides de la Quintana, decided to reactivate the UNI Board of Trustees starting with build new premises for the IMCA on land in La Molina, ceded by the Ministry of Education.

The execution period was two years, including the study period. definitive and the construction until its completion, that is to say from 2004 to 2006. The main source of financing consisted of donations made by the Active Members and Collaborators of the UNI Board of Trustees.

In March 2006 the first classes were held in the new premises and in December 2006, the new premises were officially inaugurated, carrying out the International Conference on Mathematics - IMCA 2006.

Since 2015, the institute has Ing. Alberto Benavides de la Quintana in its name.

The three-story IMCA building has a library, auditorium, meeting rooms, research and classrooms.


The Director of IMCA is appointed by the Rector of UNI at the proposal of the International Scientific Council (CCI). Carry out scientific policy proposed by the CCI and represents the IMCA in all the procedures institutional.

Currently the Director of the IMCA is Professor Roger Metzger.

Associated Universities

The IMCA has the important support of the National University of Engineering (UNI), the institution that created her and to which a part of her body belongs scientific.

The IMCA also collaborates with the PUCP. Researchers associated with the IMCA They belong to that university.

Another university with which IMCA has begun collaboration is the University from Pacific.

In addition, the IMCA has the international support of the following institutions of recognized prestige:

  • Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) - Brazil. International
  • Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) - Italy. International Center for
  • Mathématiques Pures et Appliqués (CIMPA) -France. Research Center
  • Mathematics (CRM) - Spain.

The IMCA is also an Affiliated Center of the ICTP and maintains agreements academic and scientific collaboration with:

  • Blaise-Pascal University of Clermont Ferrand - France
  • INRIA - France
  • INRA - France
  • University of Perpignan - France
  • University Antilles-Guyane - France
  • Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile
  • Inictel - UNI, Peru.

International Scientific Council

It is the highest body of this institute. He is in charge of the mayor's decisions. importance such as: appointment of the Director of the Institute, approval and recruitment of scientific personnel, analysis of the scientific performance of the members of the Scientific Body and approval of the annual list of professors visitors. This council is made up of six mathematicians, four of whom are abroad, of recognized international scientific prestige. is currently made up of teachers:

  • César Camacho (Brasil, Presidente del CCI)
  • Claudio Procesi (Italia)
  • José Manuel Aroca (España)
  • Robert Moussu (Francia)
  • Felix Escalante (Perú)
  • César Carranza (Perú)