IMCA student wins Quantum Computing programming contest

Pablo Cárdenas Barriga, IMCA master's student, has obtained 1st Place in the Hackathon of the Qiskit Fall Fest Peru 2022

The Qiskit Fall Fest activities take place around the world, sponsored by the IBM Quantum team. This is the first time that it is organized in Peru and it was done under the name of


Pablo Cárdenas Barriga entered UNI in 2012, the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He completed his studies in 2018. Then, he began to study the master's courses in mathematics at IMCA. But the passion for mathematics is not new for Pablo, since during his school years he participated in the 2011 Southern Cone Mathematical Olympiad, winning a silver medal. He is currently developing his master's thesis on the subject of Quantum Computing Error Correction under the guidance of Prof. Gonzalo Panizo.

The contest (hackathon) above mentioned question consisted of two parts.

The first part consisted of three questions. (P1, P2 and P3).

The second, and more challenging, was an open problem in which the participants, in addition to programming, had to show the concepts of quantum computing in the final result. The challenge is here. A video with the a project proposal is here.

The hackathon was in teams with participants from different Latin American countries. In the winning team, Los Autoadjuntos, in addition to Pablo, was Alan Ayala, former student of IMCA and currently working at the Innovative Computing Laboratory, USA. Other members of Loas Autoadjuntos were: Dantes Arduam (Chile), Cesar Ron (Ecuador) and Alex Rodriguez (Peru).

Finally, we mention that Pablo and Alan are scheduled to give talks at Conferencias IMCA 25 Años.

Congratulations Pablo and Alan.