Yboon Victoria Garcia Ramos

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Full-time Professor in the Department of Economics at Universidad del Pacífico. She holds a Doctorate degree in Mathematics from the University of the Antilles and Guiana (France) and the Instituto de Matemática y Ciencias Afines- Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, a Master of Science from the Instituto de Matemática y Ciencias Afines-Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, and a Licentiate (professional license) in Mathematics from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería. she did a post-doctorate at the Center for mathematical modeling of Universidad de Chile. She has experience in research projects in collaboration with international institutions: MathAmsud, SticAmsud.
Areas of interest: Variational Analysis, Optimization, Nonlinear Analysis. Mathematical Economics.



Program: Doctorate in Mathematics
Thesis title Sumas de operadores monótonos y subdiferencial de funciones cuasiconvexas
Defense date 2007-10-04
Advisor Dr. Wilfredo Sosa Sandoval
External advisor Dr. Marc Lassonde
Supervisor 1 Dr. Stephen Simons
Supervisor 2 Dr. Juan Enrique Martinez Legaz
Program: Master in Applied Mathematics
Thesis title Un estudio sobre funciones pseudoconvexas
Defense date 2003-08-28
Advisor Dr. Wilfredo Sosa
Supervisor 1 Dr. Ramón García-Cobián
Supervisor 2 Dr. Pedro Canalaes